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Rogers Insulation Provides Both In-depth Testing To Diagnose Your Home's Issues And The Air Sealing And Insulation Solutions To Fix Them.

Stop Wasting Money on Energy Loss: Pinpoint Leaks & Measure Improvements with Rogers Insulation

Are drafts, uneven temperatures, and surprisingly high energy bills a constant struggle in your home? The problem may be hidden air leaks. You likely know they exist, but finding the exact spots where your expensive heated or cooled air escapes can be a frustrating mystery.

Luckily, if you live in Massachusetts, there’s an outstanding resource available: the Mass Save program. Mass Save partners with qualified contractors like Rogers Insulation to offer homeowners and renters a free, no-obligation energy audit every two years. Rogers Insulation is proud to be a Mass Save partner, providing both in-depth testing to diagnose your home’s issues and the air sealing and insulation solutions to fix them.

How Rogers Insulation Finds & Fixes Your Energy Loss

1. Infrared Scans: Seeing the Invisible

Infrared cameras have an amazing ability – they detect temperature differences. When Rogers Insulation scans your home, these cameras show where insulation is missing or where drafts are pulling in outside air. Problem areas appear in different colors on the scan, giving a clear visual map of where attention is needed.

2. Blower Door Tests: Putting a Number on the Problem

While infrared scans show where you’re losing energy, a blower door test reveals how much. This device temporarily mounts a powerful fan in your doorway. As it depressurizes the house, air leaks in through every crack and gap. The test measures just how much air – in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) – your home is losing. This gives a baseline number to gauge the severity of the problem.

3. The One-Two Punch for Efficiency

Combining these tools is powerful! The infrared scan pinpoints the problem areas, and the blower door quantifies their impact. Rogers Insulation uses this information to target the worst offenders and create a precise plan to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

4. Measurable Results

After Rogers Insulation completes air sealing and adds insulation, a follow-up blower door test is key. The new CFM reading will be lower, proving the improvements in your home’s tightness. You’ll not only see the difference in the number, but you’ll also feel the comfort gains and savings on your energy bills.

If you suspect your home is wasting energy, don’t let the mystery continue. Rogers Insulation’s approach, utilizing state-of-the-art tools, lets you clearly see your problem areas and gives you measurable proof of the solution’s effectiveness. Taking advantage of the Mass Save free energy audit program makes this an accessible step towards a more comfortable and cost-effective home.

Ready to pinpoint your energy losses and reclaim your comfort? Take advantage of your free Mass Save energy audit and contact Rogers Insulation to schedule your evaluation and start planning your home’s efficiency upgrade!

Please read our Google reviews to see how we’ve helped other homeowners navigate their insulation improvements through Mass Save and achieve remarkable energy savings and enhanced home comfort.

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